Call for Abstracts

Abstract submissions are closed and results will be advised in due course. 

Terms & Conditions

1.  Delegates wishing to present oral or ePoster presentations are invited to submit a short summary for consideration.           Results must be clearly presented in the abstract and no late abstracts will be accepted.

2.   Abstract submissions to be submitted online by 15 March 2024

3.   The Congress Scientific Committee reserves the right to select abstracts for inclusion in the programme.

4.   Abstracts received will be acknowledged and the results will be via email by 31 March 2024.

5.   All presenting authors are requested to register for the congress by 12 April 2024.  If no registration and
      payment for the congress has been received by this deadline, the presentation will not be listed in the programme.
     This measure has been taken to overcome any “no-shows” disrupting the programme.

6.   Please read the submission requirements carefully as abstracts submitted can not be changed later.  

7.   Potential or Perceived Conflict of Interest: If the research is funded (partially or fully) by a proprietary
      organisation, a statement to that effect must be included at the bottom of the abstract.

8.  Please note that no more than three submissions will be allowed per presenter due to possible programme limitations.

We would like to especially invite and encourage registrars and fellows to submit abstracts.

Submission Themes

1.      Viral Hepatitis Elimination Programmes in Africa (AVHC)
2.      Complications of Viral Hepatitis (AVHC)
3.      Viral Hepatitis Co-Infections (AVHC)
4.      Diagnostics for liver disease and viral hepatitis (AVHC)
5.      Delivery of care models (AVHC)
6.      Advocacy for viral hepatitis (AVHC)
7.      Delivering best supportive care (AVHC)
8.      Creative palliative care delivery models including referral systems (Palliative Care)
9.      Palliative care models that integrate with cancer prevention (Palliative Care)

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1.   Abstract Sign In:  Please sign into the Abstract Portal with your account email address and password. If you have
      not yet submitted a presentation, please create a new account. The presenting author needs to create the account
      as results will be sent to the account holder.

2.   Contact Information:  Complete the information required on the Contact Information tab.

Instructions to Author

3.   Title & Presentation Type:

-    Insert the full title of the proposed presentation. Title should not exceed 30 words.
-    Presentation format (oral or ePoster)

4.   Theme & Keywords:

-    Choose category you wish to submit under from the drop down menu.

5.   Authors & Affiliations:

-    Author(s) Affiliation
-    Abstract Authors(s)
-    The name of the presenting author must appear first in the list of authors
-    Presenting Author Biography

6.   Abstract Upload:

-    Abstracts must be typed in English and a special character keyboard is available
-    No graphs, figures, diagrams or tables
-    All abbreviations used to be defined in full at first mention.
-    The body of the text must not exceed 300 words

The abstract must adhere to the following format: 

-    Introduction/Background
-    Aim/Objectives
-    Methods (Include a statement regarding the ethics)
-    Results
-    Conclusion

7.   Review:

-     This will allow you to review your completed submission.

8.   Submit:

-     Before you submit your abstract you must agree to the ‘Terms & Conditions’.

Please note the following deadline dates for presenters

15 March 2023                     Abstract Submissions Close

31 March 2024                    Notification of Acceptances

12 April 2024                       Submitters Registration Deadline

16 - 18 May 2023                 African Viral Hepatitis Convention and Palliative Care at IHPBA 2024 World Congress

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