Oral Presentation Guidelines

Please note below are recommendations. If you have any special requests, kindly email us in advance to ensure that we can accommodate it. 

-   All oral presenters (abstract or invited) are required to be in Cape Town to give their presentation in person.

-   All oral presenters (abstract or invited) are encouraged to email their presentation prior to the congress.     
    All presentations must be received no later than 14 May 2024, where they will be checked to ensure quality at
    the venue. Should there be any queries with your presentation, the AV technicians will contact you directly.

-   On your first presentation slide, all presenters are required to disclose all financial interests within the past 12 months
    preceding the congress.  If you do not have a template, click here to download a disclosure template.

-   If you have nothing to disclose, you still need to include a disclosure statement.  Please include on your first slide 
    introduction, “I, (insert name) DO NOT have a financial interest /arrangement or affiliation with one or more 
    organisations which could be perceived as a real or apparent conflict of interest in the context of the subject of this 

-   All oral presenters (abstract and invited) are asked to check-in at the Speaker Prep Room (Room 1.71-1.73) at least 2
    hours before the session start time to ensure that everything is in order with their presentation.  Presenters
    should bring a copy of their presentation as a backup on a flash drive.

-   Only MS-PowerPoint (*.ppt and *.pptx) presentation with video formats will be accepted.  Keynote users should export
    as a PowerPoint prior to uploading their presentation.

-   Please note that under no circumstances will personal laptops be permitted.

-   Please create your presentation in 16:9 (wide screen) format. 

-   Embedded files: All embedded files/video clips are to be saved as independent files in the same folder as the
    presentation.  Use as embedded objects, not as linked files. There will be no keyboard or mouse to progress your
    slides, only a wireless presenter (clicker), so please set all media files to start “automatically” and not “when clicked”.
    AV technicians will check fonts, formats, videos and sound. Recommended formats for videos: MP4, Wav.
    Recommended formats for pics: GIF or JPG

-   Presentations to be sent via www.WeTransfer.com to lizl@easternsun.co.za by 14 May 2024. 

-   Presentations to be saved in the following format: TimeSurnameDateVenue (ie 12h00Jones15MayAudi2)


-   Upon arrival at the Cape Town International Convention Centre, please check in at the Registration Desk and collect
    your name badge.
-   Please bring a copy of your presentation as a back up on a flash drive.
-   Please bring all appropriate adaptors along (MACS: Thunderbolt to VGA converter or mini display port).  


-   Each session room equipped with a projector, screen, podium mic and comfort monitor. You will be able to control your
    presentation from the podium with a wireless clicker.
-   Please arrive at your session 10 minutes prior to the published start time and identify yourself to the host or the
    session chair.
-   Please sit at the front of the venue by the reserved signs. Session chairs will introduce speakers prior to each
    presentation. Q&A should be included in your presentation unless a Q&A slot has been allocated in your session.
    Please keep to your allocated time so that the programme does not overrun.
-   During your presentation you should select your vocabulary to address as wide an audience as possible and not use 
    unfamiliar abbreviations or expressions.
-   Please note that the official congress language is English and all presentations should be given in English.