Congress Supporters

We would like to gratefully acknowledge the following invited faculty members who have chosen to waive their complimentary registration in order that young surgeons from low resource countries can be offered the opportunity to attend the congress.

Additional faculty have chosen to remain anonymous and we thank them also for their contribution to this incentive.

Sonal Athsana, India
Manish Bhandare, India
Louise Barbier, New Zealand
Carlijn Buis, Netherlands
David Cavallucci, Australia
Vikram Chaudhry, India
Philip de Reuver, Netherlands
Timothy Frankel, United States
Guiseppe Kito Fusai, United Kingdom
Enrico Gringeri, Italy
Karim Halazun, United States
Tara Kent, United States

Pietro Majno-Hurst, Switzerland
Timothy Pawlik, United States
John Primrose, United Kingdom
Mithra Sritharan, Australia
Ching-Wei Tzeng, United States